I graduated from college with a double major in Dramatic Arts and English: Writing Intensive. I used to joke that I could always fall back on my poetry degree. AND HOLY CATS, I TOTALLY DID.

My first professional writing gig was for Pop Up Video on VH1. This was before twitter was invented, and now everyone in the world has the job of being snarky within limited parameters. SInce that gig, I've written comedy sketches, host wraps, interstitials, cold opens, game shows, news copy, opening monologues trivia games, and more for many, many television shows like Attack of the Show!, Ninja Warrior, and American Ninja Warrior  on the G4 Networkand I've spent hours and hours in control rooms covering big live events like E3Comic-Con and CES for G4 and Transmission: Star Wars Celebration VI for Lucasfilm, and the Angie Tribeca Binge A Thon Live (which is not the actual name of the show - it was much more unweildy) over at TBS, as well as the Sony Playstation Livecast for, duh, Sony. Often this means re-writing host wraps frantically during a commercial break as information changes or news pours in. So you know, no pressure or anything.

I've also written weird stuff: projects that people sometimes don't realize need a writer. I mean, I guess Pop Up Video and Ninja Warrior fall into that category too... because I can't tell you how many times I've been asked "Pop Up Video? What did you WRITE?" The words in the bubbles. Or, "NInja Warrior?? Isn't that in JAPANESE?" Not the English part. But yeah, I've written things like the extremely popular tech news videocast WebbAlert, the trivia game you find in your "extras" section of your Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray, interview questions for red carpet events, articles for those drugstore sponsored teen magazines that have endless shelf life, fake search engine results for a huge ad campaign, and I've even ghost written celebrity tweets. Yes, that's totally a thing people get paid to do.

Sorry if that tarnished some shine. Here, have a cookie. I made it! 




Most recently I was the senior writer for two shows on Comic-Con HQ - Blame it on Science & Endgame. Last year I spent way too much time in Burbank as a writer/producer on the show How To Be A Grown Up, helped put together the show /allchat and back in the day, I was  the Head Writer/Creative Producer forThe Nerdist Show on BBC America, as well as the host of #parent on Geek & Sundry. You can find more of my parenting stuff. Oh god, grandma's telling stories. 

I'm sorry you wasted precious minutes of your life reading this when you could have just gone to iMDB, but below you'll find some bits and bobs -- a couple of sketches I've written over the years. 

Click HERE if you're all like, "FORGET THIS, I'M GOING TO iMDB" 



This was a series of sketches I wrote for The Nerdist Show on BBC America. What you see here is exactly how I put it down on the page, shot for shot. It's like it was broadcast straight from my head. Karen Gillan just nailed it, I want to kiss her, she's so good in these. You have to watch them in the following order. Well, you don't HAVE to, I'm not your BOSS or anything, but I think it flows better that way.




On this trip we had carp eat the dead skin off our feet, danced with a stormtrooper in Shibuya Crossing, rode Dekatora trucks, rode a giant robot pig, and ate whale penis. If you ever have the chance to go to Tokyo, go. Just go. And let me know, because I have some things I need you to pick up for me.



I would be a terrible superhero or ninja because I obsess over weird things.