Snow Cone Syrup

Yesterday Vivi & I sent Vinny on a scavenger hunt for his Fathers Day gifts. One of them was a small snow cone machine. Yes it was an impulse buy, how could you tell? It didn't come with any flavorings, so when we fired it up yesterday, we used root beer & juice.

Today, Vivi was home sick from school, and so we made our own syrup.

4 cups sugar
5 cups water
Food coloring (a couple of drops)
Flavor of choice (oils, extracts whatcha got?)

Boil it until it's reduced to, uh... syrup.

We will also use these syrups to make lemonade this summer. And it's what I add to my batches of limoncello & orangecello about 40 days in. I like making this syrup with a handful of mint, straining it & using it for lemonade or sweet tea.

That is, when I allow myself sweet tea. I'm like a freaking junkie with that stuff so I stay away from it. Add mint and game over.