Mini Fairy House Tutorial

I posted a picture of some fairy houses that Vivi and I made last month, and a bunch of folks asked what we did, so I thought I'd share it here.

Bear with me, I'm doing this on my phone, because why not.

So, if you check out your local Michael's, they sell little wooden birdhouses for $1 each. I buy a few of these whenever I'm there, and keep them around for crafting in a pinch, they're really fun to pull out and paint or slap jewels & googly eyes on. I cut the hole out to make it into a door -and by "I", I mean "asked Vinny to do it because I'm a spaz."

Then we grabbed some of the Martha Stewart craft paints - around $2 a color $3 if you are fancy, and like glitter, as I, a very fancy lady, do.

I keep a box of pretty scrap paper laying around - when I find paper that I like- old wrapping paper, scrap paper, pictures from packages, old dust jacket covers, I throw it in there. Or, say I give a sheet of stickers to Vivs, and she sticks them on paper - I cut the paper up and put them in the box. Then if we are painting, we do some mixed media and stick the paper to the paint. We did that on Arrietty's & Tink's house - that's paper from a kitchen purchase, and the flowers on Tink's house are from a Duck & Goose dust jacket.

I'm constantly looking for things that can go in a fairy garden - the bird was $1.95 at a sewing store & the butterflies were .20 each at a party & notions store in DTLA. I occasionally stop into Goodwill and look for old teacups and teapots, and the sale table at anthropologie of all places has great cheap things to put in a garden - teacups & doorknobs & drawer pulls, among others. Fairy things are everywhere. So are things to put on a cake. You just have to shift your point of view.

The owl jingles - it's a Japanese cell phone charm. Japanese dollar store like Daiso are full of great things to hide in a yard, or put in a fairy house.

We painted them, then painted them again with glitter, then coated them with outdoor Mod Podge.

The nametags are Popsicle sticks, & I used letter stamps leftover from a baby shower. I'm sure it would be easy to use stencils. Or write it with a sharpie.

I have a board on Pinterest devoted to fairy gardens, and I'm sure you can find inspiration there too. (There's a Pinterest button in my sidebar) I'd love to see your creations, so please share.