Pixie Hollow Birthday Cake

I HAD to share this birthday cake that I made for Vivienne's birthday party. I HAD to. Because I am super proud of it, and I love it so much. Cake making is my jam. This year, Vivienne is way into the Disney Fairies - and it dawned on me during the summer months: "Oh shit. I am going to have to make Pixie Hollow."

So here it is - it's all edible except for the figures, the compass and the moonstone. (Both an homage to Lost Treasure.) I don't usually like to work with rolled fondant - it makes cakes look great, sure, but they taste like bleck. But Tinkerbell's house is a teapot and it needed to be smooth. And as long as I was working with fondant, I figured, why not make some green leaves for the top of the house. Otherwise it's all buttercream or royal icing. In fact, I made all the little royal icing flowers all over the house and in Rosetta's garden.

And if you're wondering what the biggest pain was - it was the rainbow. Coloring tiny batches of icing - only enough to make one part of the bow, then having to wash the tip after ever color and prep a new bag... blerrrrrg.

overview of the cake

Detail of Fawn

back of Tink's house

The moonstone!

Front of Tink's house (minus the teapot lid) with compass

Silvermist next to a waterfall surrounded by chocolate rocks.

Rosetta in her garden

Iridessa and her Rainbow.

Tink's house and the hills/stumps are cake, but that wasn't enough for the number of guests, so I also made rainbow cupcakes with pixie dusted tops.