Don't We Love It Now?

I lost count of how many times we listened to "This is Halloween" today - i guess somewhere around the 15th re-start. I'm still not sick of it. Especially since Vivi is doing her best impressions of all the characters.

I bought the soundtrack, but... well, I miss the olden days when you purchased a soundtrack & you got the actual audio from the film. Not select tracks. So, to that end, I used garage band to split off the audio of the entire film & burned it to a disc for our driving pleasure. "This is Halloween" is so much richer with Foley! Ah! The sounds of pumpkins smashing on spikes! Lush!

A rustling sound, then from the backseat, a little voice says, "Sally is picking plants!" The sounds of clinking, "Jack is doing science. He doesn't understand!"

It's endlessly fun.

People tell me princesses and pink are inevitable & around the corner. Well then, I won't waste time dreading it, or spend energy raging against the storm. I'll just enjoy this moment in time with my daughter & our misunderstood Pumpkin King & hit repeat again. And again. And again.