All Time Number One Superstar Mom!

So we took a class at the hospital yesterday called "Infant Care."  I was amazed at how many people seem to think they're giving birth at Seattle Grace. Good LORD people! Put down the television remote and pick up a book!

But despite that, I must say that nothing - NOTHING beats the woman in our Birthing class that was not only shocked and horrified to find out that there were muscles in the anus - but was indignant when it became apparent that the rest of the class was not having the same epiphany.  "You all act like you KNEW about this!!"

Now, I always go into any kind of *class* with a bad attitude -- and then come out all pleasantly surprised when I've gleaned interesting information and learned something. 

But I think those years and years of being a nanny in NYC give me an edge - plus, you know - my natural maternal instincts.