Easier than shooting Womp Rats in Beggar's Canyon...

...well... sort of.

So, I'm not just spending my time gestating.  Olivia Munn & I teamed up to do a little project for Atom Films/Lucasfilm as part of their next Star Wars Fan Film Challenge.

I wrote and produced two shorts for her - and God Bless Her, Olivia put the Slave Leia bikini back on, sang at the top of her lungs, and risked death by fake snow inhalation to bring my words to life... and that, my friends, was just for part one!

We screened Episode One at Comic-Con - once for the Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge Awards on Friday to a packed house of about 5000 people (some of whom were dressed as Stormtroopers which made me SO HAPPY) - then again on Saturday Night at the Atom.com Lucasfilm panel.  Thanks so much to everyone who was there and gave us such a great reaction to the film.

...and by the way. I showed great restraint and did NOT eat the pie that Robert Reeves presented to Olivia before she could have any of it. No matter what all the fan sites say. Though I totally did say that I was going to during the panel. However, I dutifully held onto it until we got back to the hotel and then we split it up between me, Olivia, Josh Flaum (who plays one of the pitchers in the film) and Scott Moore.

I mean, after all - Josh and Olivia both offered to catch my baby when I thought it was going to come out... so I would NEVER steal pie from them:


It was a brownie pie and holy crap, it was delicious so thanks to Robert's wife for making it.

Here's Episode One:

Operation Olivia: The Star Wars Fan Film Challenge, Ep. 1