is this thing still on?


By the looks of things, the last time I wrote something in this here box, I was winging my way to Italy for a lovely vacation.

And what a vacation it was! So awesome that I went and got myself knocked up! Yeah! Brought back an fantastic souvenir from Florence - but I can't show it to you until sometime around the 9th of September.  Maybe earlier - maybe later.  We'll see.

Look! Here is a picture that proves it:


Jeremy's Dragon Corner Goes Horribly Wrong

Being pregnant is dangerous. Babies are worth a lot of money and people want to steal them from you!

I'm 32 weeks pregnant in this picture in case you're playing the home game.

If I complain about, say, a foot in my ribcage, my husband is fond of saying, "You ASKED for it!" and what I like to tell him is, "NO. What I SAID was: 'This wine is REALLY good! Let's get another bottle!'"