Down ARGentine Way

I am fried like chicken. That's been fried.

It started with E3 -and was it just me? --or were the 3 big press conferences kind of *meh*? It was the same thing with Apple’s WWDC - I always get worked up about these events and act like it's Christmas - hopping around from foot to foot and annoying everyone around me – more so than usual... and then I get all sad when it turns out we already knew everything they were going to announce.

We've been downtown, we've scoured the internetz, we've seen it.

Okay so Microsoft pwnd Sony with that big 'neener neener we've got Final Fantasy now' announcement - that WAS a big surprise. And then I remembered that I don't really care all that much about Final Fantasy. SORRY, IT'S TRUE. I CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE.

Then at the very last minute I decided to hop on a plane and go to ARGFest-O-Con - which was an AWESOME decision, despite the pain of a Thursday night red-eye. Nobody knew I was coming - not even hmrpita, even though she knew I was entertaining the idea of hopping a flight. Eventually I called Steve Peters to say, "should i let people know I am coming? will they let me in?" and he made me his 42 Entertainment mystery guest - a.k.a. Leeloo Dallas MultiPass.

There's never enough time at these things to talk to all the people I want to talk to - so, sorry if I missed anyone. And even when I do get to talk to people, it doesn't feel like enough time.

So I didn't sleep thanks to the red eye on Thursday, but I figured when everyone went to the Dark Knight screening on Friday night, I'd toddle off to bed so I could be fresh and alert for the panels on Saturday morning. After all, I had already seen the film a couple of weeks earlier and I didn't want to rob anyone of the precious seat. Also, yay! Sleep! But while Elan and I were heading over to the theatre in the taxi - (i was going to continue on to the hotel) he got a call from Steve saying there was an extra ticket for the film and I'm all FUCK YEAH I LOVES ME SOME JOKER! and there I was in a FULL movie theatre waiting for the agent of chaos to come on the screen.

These super full theatres for Dark Knight have the same sensation that seeing the Star Wars films have - there's that buzzing before hand, and you can feel everyone tightening up with glee and anticipation as the studio logos unfurl on the screen - and then the darkness, and silence, where the whole audience collectively holds their breath... BOOM: GOTHAM - and you hear the entire theatre do a sudden intake of breath at the same time -- and release. I. love. that.

So, in case you’re one of the 3 people that haven’t seen the movie yet, here’s a spoiler as to how it ends: two and a half hours later- that's how it ends. It’s long. Me? I’m fine with it being long – saying that Dark Knight is too long is like saying “There’s too much cake at this party.” But I hadn’t technically been to bed since Thursday – and had to be up for panels at 9 a.m. on Saturday - and after almost 3 hours of the joker – it was 2 in the morning by the time I fell asleep.

Full disclosure. I had to sneak upstairs during one of the panels to take a 15 minute power nap. I’m not telling you which one. BUT I WOULD DO IT AGAIN. If you were in a panel - don’t worry – it wasn’t yours. I thought it would be more polite to quietly step away for 20 minutes instead of openly sleeping while people were talking. And as I was heading back downstairs, and trying to get the pillow wrinkles out of my cheek, Elan sent me a text saying “where are you?”…

…and I had this HORRIBLE image of THAT being the ONE panel where someone decided to say for NO apparent reason – “but let’s see what Kristen Rutherford thinks!! Kristen?? Where’s Kristen sitting??” – as the spotlight roams the floor.

Not that there was a spotlight at the con, but that made it more dramatic in my head.

The best part of the con, hands down, was the speech blitz. That should be an annual tradition.

Anyway, while looking for a place to eat dinner in the North End that night, Pita took this picture of me:

photoshop or not?

I SWEAR I went to Boston. I WAS THERE! Why do I look photoshopped?!

Dinner was a clusterfuck of confusion where we lost half of our party – and the rest of the night is frankly a blur - you can see for yourself the decay in my tweets. Then, once "us" found the bar where everyone was - someone had the idea to order blood orange martinis – and I don’t remember much after that. Brain wipe martinis. I'm not a big drinker, so I'm a cheap date. Here’s a lovely shot Elan took of me the next morning at coffee:

why does light hurt

If you look closely, you can see my hair hurting. It's in his phone now so it comes up whenever I call him. The thing is, I am pretty sure that I am STILL DRUNK in this picture. The hangover didn't hit me until I toddled onto the plane home.

I've got more to say about Comic-con, a bout with nerd flu (that I am still fighting) and a late-night filming 90210. (Spoiler: I was sick, so I really don't have any good stories - mostly I am glad I didn't die while doing my scene.)

In the meantime here are my pics from ARGFest-O-Con.

...and now I can't stop singing "Down Argentine Way" - the Dinah Shore version.