If anyone's still out there - I finally got a chance to sit down and clean up that sidebar there on the right.

If you're reading this on an RSS, click through and check it out. Since I sometimes go a while between blog entries, I've added a twitter widget and my shared Google Reader items, plus some other fun stuff. That way, at least you'll know I'm not dead.

I've gotten so busy that Twittering is a much easier way for me to communicate, and when I get a break from writing, all I want to do is chill out and read my feeds - so I thought I could at least share those with you. I've also done away with the links since I usually share the blogs I like in the reader, and it's much easier than having to update those links all the time.

As you know, I tend to host parties and do things like this in general in a way that can best be described as, "How can we make this easier for Kristen?" It's a fabulous way to live - I suggest you steal it as a mantra immediately. But substitute your name for mine, or it may get weird. Unless your name is Kristen.

I'm also in the middle of revamping the website so it may be wonky for a bit. I'm hoping to consolidate the millions of blogs I have into one stop shopping and I'd like to integrate that into my website. If anyone has experience with TypePad or WordPress on a paid level, feel free to leave your opinions on their services in the comments. I'm trying to decide on a new publishing platform (shhhhh don't tell blogger) -- then I could at least update from my phone with some of the new Apple Apps.

So, over at G4 we are nearing our two nerd superbowls. E3 kicks into action this week, followed almost immediately by Comic-Con. I'm really sorry that I won't be able to get to ARG fest - it falls right in between, and there's just no way I can swing it. I expect to see good tweets though!

I booked a small recurring role on the new 90210, which had many people lamenting that they would be forced to watch it. Sadly, I know more about "Shooters" than I do about "The Peach Pit." Days before I was to start shooting my agent called and told me they decided to cut the part completely. I'm told they might bring the character back later in the season, or give me another part completely - but I'll believe it when I see the contract. Or, uh -- after I shoot it since a deal was in place for this. Oh, wait - scratch that - how about, I'll believe it when it's on TV.

I saw a screening of The Dark Knight a few weeks ago - make sure you see it on IMAX if you can because it's breathtaking. I am going again. Heath Ledger is amazing. Like, Arkham Asylum amazing.

I promise to get better about updating *crosses fingers behind back* - In the meantime, if you have a moment, please go to Webb Alert and then go here and tell Morgan all about your tech pet peeves. She's doing a special episode soon, and I'd really like to see some SYN readers represented - and beekeepers of course. Do Not Disappoint Me and all that, what what.