Did you think I disappeared? Maybe down a RABBITHOLE?

If I tell you an exciting story, I bet you'll COMPLETELY IGNORE the fact that I haven't updated in *covers mouth and mumbles* months! I have a good reason. I swear.

But reasons aren't nearly as exciting as the package I got on Saturday!

I heard the thump of a box on my porch, and went outside to find a priority mail package, addressed to me from one T.L. Ring, 1920 Olympic Way, San Francisco, CA 94110

Written in marker was a note "This is a clew! 03-03-08"

Here's what was inside

Hurrah! A rabbithole for a new alternate reality game!

The clues all seem to point to the Summer Olympics. How cool to have an ARG tie-in!

Here's the unfiction forum where people are talking about it

The forums move really fast - for a quick catch-up or summarization thebruce has been kind enough to set up a wiki page:

The ball of yarn (or clew) contained a fortune that pointed to this website...

Let the games begin!