Hook'em Horns

Got back from Austin, TX last night.  Just a quick trip to visit my friend Julia - she and her husband just moved there from NYC.  It was WAY too short a visit - next time we'll stay longer for sure if we can.

It wasn't my first time in Austin - but the last two times I went didn't count.  The first time I was only one - went to visit my Godmother (and her daughter - my namesake - Kristen).  The second was a few years ago when my Godmother died. So I didn't really get to experience Austin per se.

What a fabulous town! And hell - The BBQ and the Alamo Drafthouse are reasons enough to want to move there immediately.

Let's look at some pictures of BBQ, shall we?
County Line:

and Iron Works:

They should have sent a poet.

County Line was the best BBQ I've ever had (I do prefer Texas wet style FYI) - but I'm lucky - at least I have access to Phillips BBQ here in LA.

What's the best BBQ you've ever had - and what style do you prefer? Kansas City? North Carolina? Texas? 

County Line ships - maybe I'll skip Thanksgiving dinner and just air some ribs in for me and Vinny.