Yokoso! Japan!

Just a quick update -


TOMORROW NIGHT, November 12th -- watch Kevin and Olivia's Attack on Tokyo on G4 at 6pm.

If you miss it for some reason, or your DVR is on the fritz - hit me up and I'll tell you when it re-airs.

After that, we follow the 4 American Ninja Challengers on their journey to Mount Midoriyama, then there's a whole marathon of Ninja Warrior - including the episodes where Kevin and Olivia run the course - then a wrap-up show.

You can probably see me in my bright orange shirt, running through the muck and mud with the camera crews in all of the Ninja Warrior shows snapping photos.

Here are some of the photos Vinny and I took that are being featured on the G4 website.

Once all of the shows air, I'll make the rest of my pictures on Flickr public, so keep an eye out.

If you have questions about the show, or want to hear more, comment here and I'll do my best to answer/address them.  Cause, you know, I've watched Ninja Warrior for years - and being right there at the foot of the mountain - well, it was fucking amazing.  So I'm happy to share the experience.