That Stuff Wot I Wrote

So MTV launched MTV Music - farewell free time!

It was one of our news stories today in The Feed, so I spent a lot of time dicking around the site - FOR WORK OMG FOR WORK! FOR THE SAKE OF JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY!

I think I can say that "These Boots Are Made For Walking" is one of the best videos of all time.  See for yourself:

Well, I'd certainly like you to disagree with me in the comments and tell me what you think is the best video of all time.  Don't mind if I SCOFF!

Also HI i found a mistake - I put in Kate Bush (because I am a total GIRL) and saw Suspended in Gaffa! Ooh! I says, and click on it before the other half of my brain can remind me that watching Kate Bush videos is an excruciatingly embarrassing experience.   No matter how much I love her, I'm always somewhat mortified by her videos.  And instead - I get Squeeze - "Pulling Mussels from a Shell."


Well, at least I can save the mortification for another day.

I also found  videos from Pop-Up Video listed there - some that I wrote... but have NO recollection of doing so.  Like this one:

AUGH - Now I have that in my head!! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!  But it could be worse!