Secret Surprise Weekend

Man, oh man did I ever get the pick of the litter!

So - clearly I already think Vinny's pretty much the most awesome guy evAr.  But he really outdid himself this weekend.  On Thursday night he told me to pack my bags for a weekend trip.  Two nights, weather similar to Los Angeles only about 10 degrees cooler - several dressy casual meals, and shoes I can walk in. 

Apparently, while I was running around making plans for the weekend, he was running around right behind me breaking them, since he had this all set up weeks ago. It was a combination Happy Birthday/Happy Anniversary surprise trip.

We left work early, just before the show started - drove to Burbank airport, dropped the car off with the valet and got on a plane.  I managed to stay in the dark about where the hell I was going - until the pilot came on the intercom to say we were going to SACRAMENTO. (sound of needle scratching across the record) What?

Then I realized - we were going to WINE COUNTRY. NAPA FTW!!!

And sure enough, he rented a convertible that we picked up once we landed - and drove to Napa - specifically Yountville, where one of our studio execs has a house that he was kind enough to lend us -- and we spent the weekend eating and drinking - that is, when we weren't eating and drinking - or eating and drinking. The house was in walking distance from Bouchon, where they had macarons that are the closest I have ever had to actual Parisian macarons. And rocking coffee.  We also ate dinner at Bouchon Bistro one night - highly recommend you go there if you find yourself in wine country.  But  hands down, the best meal we had over the weekend was at Auberge Du Soleil.  I'm still dreaming about that tuna tartar.

We did some wine tasting of course - one place in particular that I really loved was an organic, bio-sustainable farm that also made their own Olive Oil.  We did shots of Olive Oil.  Yesssss.  I don't see how that can get any better.

pictures here -- but they really don't do it justice

I still need to grab Vinny's pictures to finish out the set. 

I can't wait for the bottles we ordered to arrive on our doorstep.

Anyway, now I am primed and ready for our trip to Italy in December.  I really need to plot that out and reserve our hotels and stuff.  Holla if you have an Italian hotel that you love.