Last night I decided to treat myself to the new freddo over at Peet's Coffee. A lot of women in L.A. use these supah sweet ice cream-ish coffee drinks as meal substitutes. Not me. They aren't my first choice as far as ice coffee goes ( I like it simple - ice latte no sugar, no I do not want skim milk) and clearly I am busy substituting my meals with other meals.

It was blistering hot yesterday, and hmrpita had IM'd me to say that she and TO:NY had both enjoyed a freddo that afternoon, and declared it quite good - so I left a little early to swing by the Peet's on Larchmont to grab one.

I drove around and around and around looking for a stupid parking space - in the blistering hot weather, in my supermassive black hole of a car, and suddenly, instead of a nice treat, something so simple as "grabbing an ice coffee" turned into a frustrating sisyphean venture, with me circling the same block over and over again while yelling, "THIS SUCKS!!! I HATE L.A.!!!!!"

Just as I was about to give up, someone left a parking space, so I yoinked it and checked the meter (woo! there was an hour on it), started to walk down the street towards Peet's - and passed a boy. We made eye contact, and clocked each other and I thought - Oh! I know him because he looks like he is going to say hi. Then I realized that I knew HIM but he didn't know me. It was Wentworth Miller and HOLY SHIT IS HE HOT IN PERSON. I wish I had the wherewithal to stop him and say "Aw, man, dude, thanks a lot, now I have to spend the next hour calling ALL OF MY FRIENDS to tell them how CUTE you are in person..."

But I walked past him and got my ice coffee and thought, giddily, " I LOVE L.A.!!!"