The scores have been re-set, so it's an even playing field again.


my user name is nancydrew (who, to me, is the original ARG-er), and I am a member of The University of Aesthematics - you can join my group, or pick one that you feel is better suited to you.

I know there is some controversy over whether this is a "true" ARG or not, but who cares? It's fun. If I weren't sick, I would be out right now taking a picture of a stranger's pants for 15 points. That would bring me to a whopping 65 points total.

I'm still siiiiiiiick.
I'm still siiiiiiiiiiiiick.
I'm still siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.

My mom says it sounds like I had the beginnings of a cold, fought it off, and am now suffering from allergies, but... I didn't have allergies before I moved to California, so I prefer to believe it is the work of dark forces. Just because that sounds so much more impressive than *achoo!* plants hurt me! *achoo!*

Edited to add: Okay so yeah, it's totally allergies. I ventured out today and as soon as I went out in the, you know, air and stuff, I started sneezing and coughing and choking. But I managed to snap a picture of a stranger's pants.

Cheese it! It's the Coppers!

Oh, and I also got some benadryl. Does operating this mac count as heavy machinerzzzzzzz