Blogger Needs Voice Posting Action

Because one of the jobs I have defies written explanation.

See, for this gig, I record songs and chants for foreign children who are learning to speak English. The company is based in Korea, so my call time will usually be scheduled around 4 p.m. or so - just as the day begins in Seoul.

The situation is this. The Korean office is video conferenced into the outside booth, so the Korean team, the director, translator, and engineer can all see and hear each other. I am in the studio. The director and engineer can see and hear me, but Korea can only hear me. I cannot see the director, engineer and translator, nor can I see Korea. I can hear everyone.

Music is played, and I chant or sing words to the music.

After a take, there is a lot of chattering in Korean in my ear. Lost In Translation is dead on. The chattering goes on for what seems like 10 minutes, and then the director will say something to me like:

"They say, can you do it a little faster?"

and I sit there thinking, "Really? .... cause... it sounded like they said a whole lot more than that"

Sometimes I am told to make it "More flowing... like water."


But the part where I really want to voice post about this is when I was asked to not say the words to the beat of the music - rather, just speak the words to the way the music FEELS. The music is this very 4/4 time infectious kid song rhythm. It can be DONE but FUCK is it HARD. You just naturally want to hit the beat.

Korea chatters and doesn't like it. They want me to go back to the beat of the music. THANK GOD.

A cat! A cat! That... is a cat!

More Fun!
Like a Mom!

A happy mom, not an abusive alcoholic mom, I assume, but I don't speak Korean.

We do it over and over again - to different styles of music. Jaunty! Cautious! Too much sugar at the birthday party! Each one has it's place in Dante's inferno as far as never getting them out of your head.

Since I don't speak Korean, as I listen in, I play a game where I try and guess by the intonation and speech patterns what my direction is going to be. At one point, I hear one man saying something, and then I recognize the sound of good natured hassling! It's the same in any language really. It seems to me that whatever he is suggesting they have me do - they are pretending like they don't understand, and want HIM to DEMONSTRATE. And suddenly I win my game when he nervously trills in English "Whaaaat is thaaaat?"

YES! He was suggesting that I SING just that line, and YES they pretended like they didn't understand him and called on him to SHOW THEM WHAT HE MEANT. And so, he sang.

"More Flowing!" I said, "Like Water!"