Et tu?

Of COURSE I have to look. If someone in front of me is driving erratically or too slow, I HAVE to look at them when I pass them. I have to either confirm that i am a) RIGHT and that they are TALKING ON A CELL PHONE - not handsfree, or b)TEXTING someone or C) just a DUMBASS or d) OLD. I mean, it my moral imperative as a red blooded American driver to GAZE upon the kind of person who is fucking with the flow of traffic, or possibly, the person that is going to kill someone someday and HOPEFULLY it will not be ME.

Tonight after waiting behind someone at a GREEN light, someone who was clearly DOING SOMETHING BESIDES DRIVING, it became clear to me that I HAD TO GET OUT FROM BEHIND THIS PERSON. After all, I had to get home to my QUESADILLA!

I decided to make a left turn at Wilshire, and as I pulled up into the left lane, I slowed down to peer into the offending car.

OH YES, i was RIGHT - the person was TEXTING SOMEONE!

and then I realized that I knew the person.

In fact, I had been having a pleasant conversation with them not 20 minutes before that moment at the event I was attending.

L.A. is such a small world, you think that would have happened to me before. But this was my first.

He's a nice guy. A nice guy for an ASSHOLE!