Make your peace with your God

On saturday night at 4:45 a.m. a colossal clap of thunder caused Vinny and I to sit straight up in bed and say "What the FUCK?!"

Whatever got hit by that bolt of lightnin' was reaaaaaally close by. We sat in bed watching the flashes of light and then counting one thousand and one, one thousand and two, one thousand and BOOM! Thunderstorms, in my limited angelino experience, are a rarity - but still very exciting!!

I probably shouldn't be so gleeful about things like thunderstorms and rainstorms now that I own a home, but hey - we put a new roof on the joint last year, so have at.

...A new roof that we were AWFULLY glad we had moments later as the rain came crashing down on the house. "Wait a minute", Vinny says, "That isn't RAIN... it's HAIL!!!" -- which sent us scrambling to our feet, our robes and the back door of the house.

Sure enough, the backyard was covered with icy hailstones. THE SKY WAS RAINING ICE.

Our neighbor was in his backyard wrestling with an umbrella and trying to get the T.V. inside to safety. (Yes, an outdoor T.V. - don't even get me started, it's sort of monstrously tacky and supremely awesome all at the same time) We stood there in a sleepy daze watching the hail bouncing off of his back.

I think Vinny took a picture, which I will try and post here later to prove that I am not making this up. I swear it wasn't a dream. Later that night I dreamt about being back in Brooklyn and trying to catch the Chinese Food Bus, but instead, settling for pizza in a brownstone that was floating on water. That's the kind of stuff I dream about. Not angry weather and the breaking of the seven seals.