A flame in your heart

As far as days go? Today was a really good one!

As a matter of fact, 9 years ago today was one of the best days of my life.

Down the Aisle

And here we are, and today was really pretty great too! It started with me picking up my new (to me) car. A 2006 Subaru Outback. After driving the Volvo around for 3 years, well - it's like having a magic car. Magic lights go on when you open the doors. There is a magic button that you can push if you want to hear music. And if one of your passengers wants to roll down their windows, well magically, it can happen. Oh and magic brakes too. 0_o *gulp*

Yesterday I dropped the Volvo off at the dismantler. I watched them scribble "CRUSH" and "SCRAP" all over the windows and sides of my Angel's Heap. Beth, who had kindly followed me to the Pick Your Part in Sun Valley in order to give me a ride back, turned to me and said, "Is this kind of emotional for you?"

"Nope!" I said as I hopped in her car. "Let's go to Mo's and have cobbler."

Maybe I should watch Transformers again. Maybe now it would seem like a better movie. (Not that it was *bad*, it was just Not As Great As Everyone Said It Was Going To Be...) The film seemed to scream, "DON'T WORRY, IT'S OKAY TO WANT TO FUCK YOUR CAR." I didn't grow up in a car-centric city. I love buses and subways.

But today, when I got home, I was changing into my paint/yard clothes, and found myself drifting to my screen door again and again to look at Her Blueness in the driveway. It's not like it's an Impreza WRX or anything sexay. It's a WAGON!! But it's mine. AND IT WORKS. LIKE MAGIC.

The mailman came with cards from family members wishing Vincent and me a Very Happy Anniversary. Some money for a nice dinner - and my parents sent a $100 gift certificate to Trader Joe's. Which pretty much sent me over the edge of bliss. That is a LOT of naan and bottled curry sauce! I will eat for WEEKS on that tiny lei'ed card! Why is Trader Joe's so great? I dont' know!! THEY SHOULD HAVE SENT A POET!

So off to the dirt pit I go, dreaming of sweet potato chips, garlic naan and chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels as I yank at stubborn weeds on the side of the driveway that we can't fit our cars down. Dan came over about half an hour later. Dan is an artist, and had sent me some pictures of recent works - some in galleries, some on various structures, and I had emailed back and said "Do that to my garage!" "How serious are you?" he responded immediately - "Totally serious! As long as you know that someday we will have to tear the structure down..." So here he was, coming through the side gate, with paint in hand and a gas mask to boot.

When he was done, I had the most awesome space squid thing:

Then I beat him in scrabble by 4 points. Which I know is making him insane. Somewhere in Hollywood he is thinking about those 4 points even as I write this...

While we were hanging out, him painting, and me having an argument with a tree stump (I won), I got a phone call from Gavin, the Executive Producer over at Attack of the Show on G4.

Hey, do you guys, you readers, if you are out there, know this? That I used to write for a show on VH1 called "Pop-Up Video"? That I have written for teen fashion and beauty magazines and done other sorts of odd freelance writing work here and there? Did you KNOW that along with my super helpful degree in THEATAHHH, I have a DEGREE in Engilsh with a Creative Writing focus? Because apparently I keep forgetting. In fact, my friend Lenore's favorite story about me is the one I tell where I dropped off my "Writer's test" over at the Pop-Up offices, and the next day, a writer on the show that I knew called me to say that his producer had come to his office with my script and said, "This is really fucking funny - what's her background?"

"OMG OH NO!! WHAT DID YOU TELL HIM!???!" I shrieked

There was a pause and he said, "Um... I told him that you had a degree in writing from the same school I went to."

"Oh yeah!!!!" I beamed.

Today Gavin called and offered me a job as a freelance writer on Attack of the Show.

This whole thing happened pretty fast. Friday, as in 5 days ago, I get a call from Vinny saying "Gavin wants to know if you want to come in and interview for a job as a writer on Attack of the Show." ON MONDAY. So I gathered my writing samples (including an entry from this blog -- I bet you know the one - where I cluck like a chicken in Spanish? Cause really, that just wrote itself.) and hustled myself over to the E! building Monday afternoon, where I met with everyone and chatted about the position and my writing history.

I start work on Monday. As in, MONDAY. As in - 4 days from now. I'll be there until December 21st. Hopefully being funny.

True to form: re: my idiocy... That Friday night, when Vinny got home, he told me, "Gavin remembered that you wrote for Pop Up, and thought you would be great at this gig - since you a) watch the show, b) know and get along with everyone already and c) get the style and what it is we *do* over there... you would be working on The Feed and mostly teasers probably."

"I could do that, I bet." I said.

And we watched T.V. for about an hour when suddenly I exclaimed, "WAIT. I have DONE that before - I used to write teasers!"

Vinny just looked at me and said totally deadpan, "Well. Maybe you want to mention that in your interview."

Gee, if only I had a degree to back that teaser writing experience up.

Tonight, to celebrate our anniversary (as well as my upcoming 3 month gig) we went to a restaurant on 3rd Street called The Little Door. If you are ever in Los Angeles and are looking for an excellent restaurant that is *very* romantic, this is the place. We sat in the garden, surrounded by candles and fairy lights, had a lovely meal and talked about what it was going to be like to work on the same show, and how exciting and nice it will be to see each other more every day. I guess that's part of our secret. We always want to be together as much as possible. Like it says in the song that we danced our very first dance as man and wife to:

I've lost all ambition for worldly acclaim

I just want to be the one you love

And with your admission that you feel the same

I'll have reached the goal I'm dreaming of, believe me...