I *love* this picture

Bosslady took this picture when she was visiting smoggy L.A. back in November. We had toddled off to Chinatown after lunch in Los Feliz in search of strawberry good luck candies, herbal voice lozenges, and funky purses. As per usual, The Dancing Kids were with me.

I remember her saying "ooh, action shot" but didn't realize she was talking about me and "the kids".

I think the look on my face is hilarious - I guess I am *very* serious when it comes to "my kids" - and it also explains why people sometimes ask me "what's wrong?" when I am just sitting and thinking. Even better than miss bitchipuss is the fact that instead of simply taking a small step back to get the frame just right, I feel the need to LEAN back. Why do I do that? hmrpita says she does the same thing... but that doesn't make me feel like any less of a dork. OH SNAP. At this rate, and given my incredible spaz abilities, it's only a matter of time before I fall straight backwards - and that would be the definition of "Assbackwards."

After looking at this picture, it occurred to me that another thing I do when I snap a shot that is lower than I am -- rather than crouch down, I do the strange beginnings of the Russian splits. Given what could happen to me if I slip in THAT position, I'll take Assbackwards any day.

Feel free to check up on the kids. I post one picture a day on weekdays. If you like them, and you can swing it, give a little love to Saint Jude's. The link is on the sidebar.