Rhoda is my Co-pilot

Remember when I talked about how cold I was, living here in sunny Los Angeles? Sundance was, as I expected, EVEN COLDER. Imagine that. Even Daisy Fructose thought so. But she's a complainer.

You know what surprised me about Sundance? It was inspiring. Inspiring in two ways -- here -- let me bullet point them:

  • You made a movie? It's incredible - you are very interesting and inspiring... I want to make a movie!
  • You made a movie? You are a MORON. I can make a movie!

That about sums it up.

When I returned to rainy Los Angeles, two things happened that I would like to share here in SYN.

One: I discovered that if you have an audition for The Office, they don't have callbacks, so you shouldn't wait around all day to hear if you got a callback. You either got the job, or ya didn't.

Two: So, my writing partner and I decided to meet up at a coffee shop to push through and finish a project we've got going. We were in the thick of working out a crucial scene towards the end, (that's my way of saying that I was jumping around acting things out like a dork and my partner was staring at me, sort of nonplussed and glassy eyed - he's used to me by now) when a woman approaches us and says, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I have to tell you - that is the greatest shirt..." (He is wearing a shirt that says "Billie Jean Is My Lover") While she talks to us, I am looking at her face, and I suddenly stutter, "Are you.... Valerie... Valerie...Harper?"

She looks at me and smiles and says, "Yes - do I know you?" and I'm all (BLURT ALERT) "No, but my name is Kristen and You Were Rhoda and I Love You!"

She asked if I was an actress, and I said yes, and her response was "Oh! I wish you the best of luck... with your little Irish nose..."

...which is just about the best thing anyone's said to me. BECAUSE IT IS TRUE! Everything else? ITALIAN. The nose? ERWIN. HOW DID RHODA KNOW!?

She was very kind and talked to us for about 10 minutes - wants to buy tons of shirts from Dan, which is great news of course, and was very encouraging about both our careers. When she left, we just sort of looked at each other for a minute, and I said, "well THAT happened." Then I bored him with a whole Mary vs. Rhoda theory, and how women fall into two camps on who they identify with, and Dan said, "She's from the Valerie Harper show!"

... oh, and of course Dan and I spent the rest of the day calling and texting each other with "Remember when we met Valerie Harper?"

File under: Sometimes living in Los Angeles is fun. Surreal, but fun.