5 things I've learned from the first 4 hours of 24

  1. You can kill a man by biting him to death
  2. It's fine to call Jack Bauer on his cell phone, just remember he doesn't have a lot of time
  3. You truly are only as good as the last thing you did. For instance - it doesn't matter if you've once beheaded a man in a conference room - if you go *soft* during an interregation in front of a leading Islamic terrorist, he is going to think you are weak and finish the job the way it should be done. With a superior attitude, I might add.
  4. CTU is *so* understaffed that employees will not be fired for sabatoging a major government mission. Despite this fact, nobody can relax into their jobs because it is repeatedly inferred that one can be fired for tossing too much attitude to one's boss.
  5. If you don't speak for two years, it only takes 15 minutes to get your voice back. It appears that having a good clean shave helps warm up your vocal chords.