One fear of mine: Death at the hands of a moron.

Frankly I don't understand why Los Angeles is waiting until the year 2008 to make driving while talking on a cell phone that isn't "Hands Free" illegal.

Meanwhile, here are some things that I have actually witnessed people doing while driving their cars in Los Angeles:

1) Eating a sandwich
2) Reading a newspaper
3) Shaving
4) Putting on makeup - no, like a full face of makeup with the rear view mirror pointed down at them instead of, you know, towards the back of the car...
5) Talking on a cell phone in one hand while smoking a cigarette in the other.

...but the other day I saw something that I think really takes the cake. I saw a woman KNITTING.

Well, I guess that's nice. I'll need a hat and scarf and possibly a trivet in my COFFIN.