Leveraging My Personal Impact

As of recently, it has come to my attention that my proficiency in "Corporate Speak" has suffered a major setback. My 360 reflects a significant decrease in ability to sling such jargon as deemed necessary and/or appropriate for big business.

As a result, my day to day communication skills have shown a marked increase in a tendency to "get to the point" (hereafter referred to as "normal patois".)

Further to the above issue, this so-called "normal patois" shows an inability to obfuscate matters which have previously been called to my attention.

I've therefore taken the liberty of blocking out available time slots for a series of meetings in Conference Room B on the executive floor to discuss opinions you may have regarding this important issue. Please check your outlook calendar and have your assistants respond in a timely manner with tentative possibilities and points of concern you feel need to be addressed.

Kind Regards

Kristen Rutherford