So maybe it's a digression for me to be talking about Training For The Day The Monsters Descend. After all, when I posed the question, "Why do I run", the answer was not "Because of that MONSTER CHASING ME, YOU IDIOT!". The answer was and is currently "Beat Dasro".

See, my friend Dasrokast blogged a while back about his blossoming love for the Nike Plus. I had read about the Nike Plus, of course, but something about his entry really made it more intriguing to me. One "something" was that he alerted me to the fact that I wouldn't have to go buy the crappy Nike shoes that are designed for the chip to fit into. Since I already have a nano, that fact makes the package more affordable.

The other aspect that I thought might be good for me (apart from, you know, the whole "exercise" dimension), would be the sense of competition, or accountability. Put me in a class and I will push harder. It's partly due to a psychological "I am going to win this step class!" kind of way, but more in an "I don't want to be the one everyone points at and makes fun of when I give up" kind of way. Wow, neither one of those scenarios make any sense in a real world capacity - though it *is* fun to think about either event actually happening.

On the other hand, put me on a treadmill or an elliptical machine and after about 5 minutes I say, "That's good! I've nearly broken a sweat! Time to go!", and then I go and get a smoothie or a boba or a cheeseburger or something. I'm not one of those folks that think the gym is a maaaagical place where you begin to burn calories the moment you step into the locker room, I just find the machines boring. Vinny can get on a treadmill and run for hours. His attitude is pretty cut and dry - "I want to be in good shape, so I have to do this."

"But, but, but...", I say, "How can you pretend that you are the star of a hit musical on Broadway on the treadmill!?!?". Oh, you laugh, but I am NOT THE ONLY ONE. Try working out at my old gym on Christopher street sometime - the guys there will give you a RUN FOR YOUR MONEY, SUGAR. Or take classes with one of my other favorite teachers in NY - Gussie. She was a giant, gorgeous, fabulous, black drag queen with a Caribbean accent who wore boas in class and would yell over the pounding music, "WHO IS THIS LADIES???? THIS IS MADONNA! GUSSIE LOOOOOVE MADONNA!!" <3

Sometimes I miss New York so much, it physically hurts.

The Nike Plus, thus far, has been the best of both worlds for me. Wait, you say, you said you HATED the machines, that you find them boring. Look, maybe this isn't the blog for you - I pride myself on my ability to Not Make Sense. I find that when I am on the treadmill now, I push myself past the About To Break A Sweat point and keep going. I know that when I get home, it's going to be that much better to look at my progress if I, you know, make progress. Dasro has been great about issuing challenges, which keeps it interesting, and keeps me accountable. It's also, dare I say it - fun!

Well, fun despite the fact that the truth is that I have no chance in hell right now on beating dasro at any of the challenges. Dude can run fast and far. Join us! I'm registered under the email address that is listed in my blogger profile.

Oh! Also? If your workout is longer than any of your other workouts, Lance Armstrong will come on and congratulate you. The first time that happened I had to stop myself from yelling, "I HEAR YOU BUT I CAN'T SEE YOU LANCE ARMSTRONG! COME OUT FROM WHERE YOU ARE HIDING!!" The next time it happened, it was Paula Radcliffe, and maybe, just maybe, I whispered into my nano "What have you done with Lance, you bitch?"