Gregorian Catalog

I don't like to make resolutions. I haven't done so in a long time and have been much happier because of it. The whole tradition just seems like a set up for failure in the new year. Why would I do that to myself?

Instead, I take a moment on New Years Eve or New Year's Day to look back over the 12 months gone by and really think through the year that I am leaving behind. I choose my favorite moments. They don't have to be life changing or earth shattering. Often they can be as small as a really good meal, a small unexpected discovery, or a glance of understanding between friends. Sometimes I am surprised at the jewels I find, even when the year has held tragedy.

These are a few of mine:

Easter dinner with Vinny at a nice restaurant: Hysterically laughing after the FFD explains, "It made me feel funny. Not funny ha ha but funny that was wieeerd". The wooden booths are high enough that it makes us laugh harder to think about what the people in the surrounding booths must be hearing.

Discovering via gchat that an old friend has a similar blog problem. The LMAOs and MWAHs are in real time.

Running through the rain in Harajuku with Vinny, chanting and chasing along with the fellows carrying the shrine. We look at each other and yell "What are we DOING HERE?!"

Discovering how I appeared through Amanda's three year old eyes, and being able to share the real stories of what was going on in my adult world to the adult she is now.

Sweet Tea on the brick patio in San Diego, watching the mojo in action.

Escaping from shivah with Beth to find ourselves singing and dancing in the Walgreen aisles to the Grease soundtrack. Laughing and crying at the same time about how Lizzie would have been both thrilled and embarrassed by our behaviour all at once.

There are more. So many of them in New Orleans, and a ton of things in the new house, of course. I like doing this. I am amazed at the many things that bubble to the surface, things that I have forgotten already, as I comb through the months. It may seem that I am keeping my feet firmly rooted in the past, but for me, the result is that I end up looking forward to the year ahead.

I hope you can find the things you loved about the year behind, no matter how small, and that the coming months hold more good things to catalog when we once again celebrate the random demarcation of passing time.

Happy New Year.