Because I know you care...

My kitchen tile grout came out quite lovely.

Since I was on a roll with all the grouting, I managed to do some other things I have been meaning to do for a while now. Okay, well yes, technically I couldn't really *go* anywhere, you know, what with my car acting like a total asshole, and thus, I had p l e n t y of time to knock those pesky little things that I never seem to have time for off of my to-do list. One of my to-do lists. Wait, you are saying (yes, i can HEAR YOU), you have more than one to-do list? Well, naturally? Don't you?

I have the regular to-do list, the business to-do list, the Elizabeth Lulu Scholarship Foundation to-do list, the grocery to-do list, the seasonal present to-do list, blog to-do notes, and the house to-do list. I SAID I CAN HEAR YOU SO PLEASE STOP MAKING FUN OF ME. I do *not* sound like that.

One of the best parts about going to Tokyo - I can't believe I am saying this, but whatever - one of the things I was looking forward to was buying tons of Japanese notebooks and paper and pens and office supplies in general. Thousands of years of a noble culture steeped in rich traditions and I am excited about 6mm ruled paper, notebooks with Engrish on them, and tiny staplers. But COME ON! They are the MASTERS!

Thanks to my Tokyo adventure, my current to-do lists are housed in a small but sturdy B5 spiral notebook that I can refill with as much 6mm lined paper as I please. (I bought a ton of it at Tokyu Hands) It came with 3 dividers but puh! That was not enough for me! I purchased a packet of 8 B5 sized rainbow colored dividers - we'll just pretend that pink and grey are part of the rainbow. The cover of the notebook has pockets for me to tuck receipts and other random items into. The paper is smooth and silky, and any pen you choose to write with just glides across it. Are you hot yet?

The paper insert on the front of the notebook is the best part. It reads exactly like this:

To your satisfaction

(picture of snail with the world as a shell) This is super!

On the market,

A popular type of binder notebook

A pursuit of character that is ...

Matchless !

A notebook that satisfies !

Comes in 3 sizes A4/B5/A5

(pictures of the sizes)

3 good points!

(picture of the notebook open) 2 face pockets
3 title indexes
20-hole sheets X20

This is super!

What you've been looking for.

The image you'd expect !!

What more could I ask for ?

Quality original BINDER notebook

Pleasant times ...

Thank you for your purchase.

It's POETRY! Clearly you are meant to remove this insert but WHY ON EARTH WOULD I DO THAT? If you ask me - this notebook had FOUR good points! *hugs notebook*

There have been times when I have pulled my to-do list out of my purse to add something to it, and have noticed the eyes of friends or colleagues widening when they witness the length of the lists. "That's your to-do list??" they say, incredulously. I always feel the need to assure them that it is not *just* a daily to-do list. You are likely to find "deposit checks" and "buy stamps" right next to "brush up on Spanish" and "Be a Better Person". Huh, as a matter of fact, talking about all of this now, you just reminded me...

*Adds "Figure out a good reason to go back to Tokyo" to list*