You Want Mii

I <3 my Mii.

So far, having people send you their Mii s has been one of the funniest parts of the Wii. As I sit here and type this, there are Miis wandering all around my screen. CaspianX just sneezed. I am talking to Morgan. Vinny is sleeping, but oh... he just woke up. Allen is waving at Rob. Beth's Mii is pregnant. Over in the Mii parade, someone has a Mii named "Surprise!", and it's apropos for the open mouthed expression on the bald face. Mal from Serenity marches along with someone named Raw Meat as well as a Mii called "Monroe" that looks like Marilyn Monroe. It's never not funny.

Currently, I suck at tennis. Hurrah! It's just like life! I was once awarded a tennis trophy for losing every game in a round robin tournement. I am freakishly good at golf, and I think I am pretty awesome at bowling - having bowled a respectable 168 - but apparently it's not enough to beat Woody's 180 something score. Feel that, Woody? That's mii breathing down your Mii's neck.

Thankfully, I am now at the respectable age of 37. Not as good as when I was 24 a few days ago - but I'll take it over the ripe old age of 72 I've been sporting lately. Whatever. You try hitting those pads without punching your trainer in the face. Then follow it up with some tennis that you suck at.

In other news, I just sumo wrestled a Goron and am off to the dungeon on Death Mountain

oh SNAP. While I was writing this, Vinny yoinked the television away from me and turned on the 360. Tonight's regularly scheduled Mii parade has been pre-empted by Gears of War. Brought to you by Raam and Kryll: Serving your ass on a platter for 20 ballbusting, frustrating years.