HaP py Christmas and a Merry Goo Year.

Christmas morning we make beignets and coffee:

Christmas Means Beignets

and then we open presents:

Christmas Mayhem

The living room rug didn't arrive in time, but that's okay. The better to sweep up the discarded wrapping paper.

The boy gave me Christmas presents that were nothing less than astounding. Among them - Elebits, Trauma Center, a 10 megapixel digital camera with the bigger LCD screen I had been lusting after, and a photo printer to boot. We had agreed not to get each other anything. Apparently, when we agreed this, he was lying like a big liar. Thank goodness I am a liar too, but as evidenced by the presents - not as big a liar as he is. He told me that he knows all the traveling he does is hard on me, and thus, the least he could do was make sure I had a Very Merry Christmas. He's awesome. I am just a liar.

Our neighbors invited us over for all day breakfast - chicken & waffles, so I am in the middle of making cookies to bring over. Later on, Beth and Allen will join us for a spiral ham, creamed spinach, mashed yams and spiced cider - along with some hard core Wii competitions and the search for Elebits. They are our family out here. ("Thanks a lot" say the members of Vinny's family that actually *do* live out here...)

I am wishing all of you the merriest Christmas and hoping that you are warm and full and happy and with the ones you love. Or, instead, if you are with your family, then I hope you have someone to accompany you - the kind of someone that you can exchange meaningful glances with at the gathering, and then laugh and laugh during the "postgame" in the car, as you rehash the madness.