And the winner is...

The answer to yesterday's challenge is story number three. Alec Baldwin is the correct answer. However, it was sort of a trick, because, the part about the lip gloss is true. OH SNAP! GOTCHA! I was at Sephora the other day buying a Christmas present, and, since we all know they pump pure oxygen into the ventilation system in all of their stores, I ended up purchasing a new lip gloss for myself that I decidedly do NOT need. BUT IT IS SO PRETTY AND SHINY AND YOU KNOW, GLOSSY.

Admittedly I *did* cheat it a little bit, since I neglected to tell you that the thing he offered to trade with me for the lip gloss I bought at Sephora, which was, again, a totally real thing - was *drum roll*


Presumably used by him.

That would have been a total giveaway...

I don't even want to know what kind of house cleaning my brain was doing that it conjured up that whole "trading lip glosses with Alec Baldwin" thingamajig. Last night I dreamt that I was placing pieces of pulled pork underneath our broken water heater, so you know, I think it's best not to delve too deeply inside my subconscious as we head into the final stretch of Christmas madness.

Or maybe the thing that is more terrifying than any celebrity lip gloss exchanges or my pork plumbing remedy is the fact that the other two stories are TOTALLY REAL AND TRUE. You be the judge. If you really have the energy to care.