What's My Line

There was no way any sort of blogging action could happen yesterday. So there. Stupid Christmas.

Let's play a game. See if you can guess which of the following are real and which are dreams.

  • I am in a semi lit-theatre with a panel of people in front of me. One of them is Renee Zellweger. I can't really distinguish her face but her hair is glowing blonde, causing her to appear otherworldly compared to the others. Everyone is talking but I can't understand what they are saying - nobody makes any sense and yet at the same time, they seem to be repeating themselves. I turn to Erin and ask her if she understands what they are saying, but she tells me it is a panel about doubletalk.
  • I have to make a birthday cake for Alexander Payne. It's not his birthday but he wants yellow cake with Chocolate Icing. I can't remember what I am supposed to write on the cake and so I call my friend Anna to ask her. I decide to use melted butter in the chocolate icing.
  • I am standing at the front desk with a brown paper shopping bag in my hands. I am pleased because I got a great parking space. While I wait, I pull out a new lipgloss that I bought at Sephora the other day. The man next to me comments on what a nice color it is. It is Alec Baldwin. He offers to trade something that he has for my lipgloss. It makes me laugh.