Discovering Your Inner Elf

Things have finally started to quiet down around these parts. Shows are going on hiatus, film schedules are being put into place for next year, and people are throwing holiday bashes. As things slow down, I find myself in a haze of flour, sugar, butter and cinnamon. One of the better hazes to be caught in, but still... AUUUUGH CHRISTMAS IS NIPPING AT MY HEELS and it DOESN'T MATTER how FAST I RUN.

Yesterday afternoon and today were set aside for the baking extravaganza that one would come to expect in the house of the formerly miss princess yum yum. Right now, I am taking a short break to check up on what's happening on tEh intArw3bz before I royal ice the living shit out of some sugar cookies. As I type, I can smell the fresh ground cinnamon wafting up from my hands - a result of the gigantor batch of pan de polvo I made earlier.

After the royal icing jubilee, it will be time to take the slab of caramel I cooked up yesterday and cut it into tiny pieces. Some will get wrapped like taffy in squares of wax paper, and others will become the centers of home made turtles, but all will end up in beautifully labeled bags and passed out over at G4, added as a bonus on top of gifts for friends, and given out to my agents (although, not my voiceover agents - they have requested that instead of gifts, people donate to a charity in their name. Check.)

In the meantime, you can find me blogging over at Meanlarious. I am participating in Holidailies so you'll find a new post there every day until January 1, when, undoubtedly, I will collapse from exhaustion after being reduced to blogging what's on my grocery lists or how many calories I have consumed each day.